COVID-19 impact

COVID-19 impact
CSR report

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are committed to keeping our stakeholders informed as the situation evolves. We see the following impact at this point in time:

  • Staff
    Galapagos has implemented strong measures to help prevent spread of the virus and protect the health of our staff. We rolled out our global and site business continuity plans and took appropriate recommended precautions and restrictions, including suspending almost all travel. In practice, this means that most of our employees are working from home, with the exception of lab personnel and skeleton IT and facility team to ensure safety and operational continuity essential to keep research going. For those employees, we have stringent cleaning and sanitation protocols in place, and we strictly respect social distancing policies at all times, in order to minimize risk of exposure.

  • Clinical trials
    We have a business continuity plan for our non-clinical studies and clinical trials, including a pandemic response plan. We continuously monitor the situation, always putting patients’ safety and needs front and center, and our teams are working hand in hand with our CROs and clinical trial sites to define next steps. While the MANTA and MANTA-RAy trials are fully recruited, we cannot exclude potential delays in read-outs of these and other ongoing trials in light of COVID-19.

  • Commercial organization
    Build-up of our commercial operations in the EU5 countries and the Benelux to prepare for the potential launch of filgotinib continues as planned. There has been no material impact on our operations due to travel restrictions. To date, there has been no impact to the commercial supply of Jyseleca. Our commercial teams have invested in virtual channels as part of the overall strategy, and these channels are available during our commercial launch. Thus far there has been limited impact of COVID on our ability to engage in market access discussions.