Aggregate gross remuneration of the other executive committee members for financial year 2017

Corporate governance
  1. Base salaries (fixed): €1,234,852.53 (including €61,353.27 in the form of pension contributions).

  2. Variable remunerations (bonuses): given the level of achievement of the criteria from the Senior Management Bonus Scheme to be entitled to a bonus (i.e. the corporate objectives for 2017), an aggregate bonus of €900,047.00 (i.e. 100% of the aggregate bonus pool) was awarded over 2017 of which 50% was paid early January 2018, and the other 50% was deferred for 3 years. The value of the 50% deferred part of the bonus awarded over 2014 was established at the end of 2017 and resulted in a payment in early January 2018 of an amount of €519,977.00 (a multiple of 5.2 of the deferred bonus, as a result of the share price performance over the period 2014‑2017 as per the provisions of the Senior Management Bonus Scheme).

  3. Pensions: €186,740.34 (of which €61,353.27 are part of the fixed base salary).

  4. Other components of the remunerations: company cars, tax advisory services, and payments for invalidity and healthcare cover, and other fringe benefits, totaling €71,993.08.

In its meeting of 5 December 2017 the board of directors resolved, upon recommendation of the nomination and remuneration committee, to implement salary increases as from 2018 for the members of the executive committee generally in line with the increases awarded in previous years, based on individual performance and taking into account relevant benchmarks. The principles applied for such increases were in line with the remuneration policy described above.