Conflict of interests and related parties

Corporate governance CSR report

In the event of a transaction where a director’s interest conflicts with the interest of Galapagos NV, the director shall notify the board of directors in advance of the conflict and will act in accordance with the relevant rules of the Belgian Companies Code (i.e. article 523 of the Belgian Companies Code). In addition, Galapagos’ Corporate Governance Charter and Galapagos’ Related Person Transaction Policy contain procedures for transactions between Galapagos and its directors, members of its executive committee, major shareholders or any of their immediate family members and affiliates. Without prejudice to the procedure defined in article 523 of the Belgian Companies Code, these policies provide that all transactions between Galapagos and its directors, its members of the executive committee or its representatives need the approval of the audit committee and the board of directors, which approval can only be provided for transactions at normal market conditions. Moreover, conflicts of interest, even in the event they are not a conflict of interest within the meaning of article 523 of the Belgian Companies Code, are enacted in the meeting minutes, and the director or member of the executive committee cannot participate in the voting.

In 2018, one conflict of interests between Galapagos NV and a director within the meaning of article 523 of the Belgian Companies Code was noted: in a meeting of the board of directors held on 18 December 2018, the following was reported in accordance with article 523 of the Belgian Companies Code in connection with the bonus for the CEO: the chairman declared that Mr. Onno van de Stolpe had informed the board of directors of a conflict of interest, concerning the proposed award to him of a bonus. Given the actual level of achievement of the criteria from the Senior Management Bonus Scheme to be entitled to a bonus (i.e. the corporate objectives for 2018) a bonus equal to 100% of his 2018 salary was awarded to Mr. Van de Stolpe for 2018. The board considered that said bonus is a justified reward for the results achieved by Mr. Van de Stolpe in 2018. The bonus will have no material impact on the financial position of the company. The board shared the opinion of the remuneration committee that the proposed bonus is justified and reasonable. Mr. Van de Stolpe did not take part in the deliberation and the vote concerning this decision. However, during its meeting of 18 February 2019, the board of directors decided, upon recommendation of the nomination and remuneration committee, to update the structure of the remuneration of the CEO as set forth above under Information on the remuneration policy for the next two years.