33. Events after balance sheet date

Financial statements CSR report

On 20 March 2019, 149,370 warrants were exercised (with an average exercise price of €23.30 per warrant), of which 15,000 warrants were exercised by our CEO, 50,000 warrants by other members of our executive committee, and 11,280 warrants by other members of our board of directors. This resulted in a share capital increase (including issuance premium) of €3,480,747.50 and the issuance of 149,370 new ordinary shares. The closing price of our share on 20 March 2019 was €90.32.

Our consolidated financial statements were approved by the board of directors and authorized for publication, on 26 March 2019. They were signed on behalf of the board of directors by:


Onno van de Stolpe
Managing Director and CEO

26 March 2019