Major shareholders of Galapagos NV

Based on the transparency notifications received by Galapagos NV, the shareholders owning 5% or more of its shares on 31 December 2014 were Delta Lloyd N.V. (2,954,890 shares), Johnson & Johnson (2,350,061 shares), Van Herk Investments B.V. (1,586,727 shares) and The Capital Group Companies, Inc. (1,554,436 shares).

Transparency notice shareholders on 31 Dec 2014

Transparencey notice shareholders on 31 Dec 2014 (pie chart)Transparencey notice shareholders on 31 Dec 2014 (pie chart)

Since 31 December 2014, Galapagos has received (i) a transparency notification from Delta Lloyd N.V. notifying the reduction of its shareholding below the statutory 5% threshold on 14 January 2015 and (ii) a transparency notification from BNP Paribas notifying that the shareholding of entities under their control exceeded the statutory 5% threshold on 30 January 2015. A pie chart representing our major shareholders based on transparency notifications received to date is available on Galapagos’ website,

At the end of 2014, the CEO owned 364,226 Galapagos shares and 765,000 warrants. The other members of the Executive Committee held an aggregate of 20,352 shares and 680,000 warrants. The other members of the Board held an aggregate of 6,800 shares and 199,070 warrants. Each warrant entitles its holder to subscribe to one share of Galapagos NV.

Agreements between Galapagos NV shareholders

On the date of this report, Galapagos NV had no knowledge of the existence of any shareholders’ agreements between its shareholders.

Agreements with major Galapagos NV shareholders

On 23 October 2007, Galapagos NV entered into the Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Alliance and Option Agreement and the Reserved Program Option Agreement with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, an affiliate of Johnson & Johnson. These agreements were terminated in March 2015 (see “Subsequent events”).

Throughout 2014 there were no lock-up agreements in effect between Galapagos NV and any of its shareholders.