CSR report

Our mission is to develop and commercialize first-in-class medicines based on the discovery of novel targets. Using human primary cells, we discover which proteins (‘targets’) play a key role in disease pathways. We then identify and develop small molecules that inhibit these targets, restore the balance, and thereby positively influence the course of the disease. This approach is designed to address the root cause of the disease rather than just treating symptoms.

Our ambition is to become a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel medicines in areas of unmet medical needs to improve the lives of people suffering from serious diseases.

The key elements of our strategy include:

  • Rapidly advance the development of filgotinib in a range of inflammatory diseases with our collaboration partner Gilead
    Based on the results from our Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials, we are planning to further develop filgotinib in additional indications in inflammation, including CD, UC, PsA, AS, and other inflammatory diseases. Our collaboration partner Gilead has submitted applications for approval of filgotinib in RA in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Gilead is also conducting Phase 3 clinical programs in UC (SELECTION), CD (DIVERSITY) and PsA (PENGUIN) and several Phase 2 clinical programs in additional inflammatory diseases.
  • Tackle IPF/fibrosis with our pioneering approach
    We are building a diverse fibrosis portfolio with different modes of action in IPF and other forms of organ and skin fibrosis. We recruited the first 800 IPF patients in the ISABELA global Phase 3 program with ATX inhibitor GLPG1690, for which Gilead has in-licensed ex-European rights from us. We completed recruitment for the NOVESA Phase 2a trial with GLGP1690 in SSc as well as recruitment for the PINTA Phase 2a trial with GPR84 inhibitor GLPG1205 in IPF patients. We also in-licensed two early stage compounds (and have an exclusive option to in-license a total of four additional novel target programs) with novel modes of action in the field of fibrosis from Evotec and Fibrocor respectively, thereby strengthening a growing portfolio of distinct mechanism approaches to tackle IPF and fibrosis.
  • Advance GLPG1972 in OA patient clinical trials with our collaboration partner Servier
    We completed recruitment for the ROCCELLA global Phase 2 program with ADAMTS-5 inhibitor GLPG1972 together with our collaboration partner Servier and expect topline results in the second half of 2020. Servier licensed the compound for further development in OA outside the United States. Upon successful completion of the Phase 2 trial, Gilead has the option to license development and commercialization rights to this compound in the United States, where we currently lead all clinical development of GLPG1972.
  • Strengthen our innovation leadership in inflammation
    We have observed unprecedented activity in various inflammatory preclinical models with compounds targeting the class of novel targets we discovered and code-named Toledo. Molecules inhibiting this target family effectuate a dual mode of action on inflammation by stimulating anti-inflammatory cytokines and inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokines. We are executing on a broad and accelerated program to discover and develop multiple series of compounds acting on Toledo, aimed at activity across several conditions, including inflammation. We completed much of our Phase 1 work with GLPG3312 and initiated a Phase 1 trial with GLPG3970 in 2019. We expect to initiate multiple PoC patient trials with these compounds and report first topline results by the end of the year. Meanwhile, we continue to advance multiple preclinical candidates in inflammation, scale-up our target and drug discovery productivity, and explore additional modalities of drug therapies aimed at inflammation.
  • Maximize and capture the value of our target discovery platform based on novel modes of action
    Our platform has yielded many new mode of action investigational therapies across multiple therapeutic areas. Our most advanced preclinical programs are GLPG4059 (metabolic), GLPG4124 (fibrosis), GLPG4259 (inflammation), and our third generation Toledo compound GLPG4399 for inflammation. Additionally, we are exploring the potential of preclinical product candidates in AS, Pso, IBD, AtD, lupus, IPF, SSc, nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, type 2 diabetes, hepatitis B, osteoarthritis and polycystic kidney disease. We aim to initiate a Phase 3 trial every other year and our ambition is to conduct three proof-of-concept trials, deliver at least three preclinical product candidates and at least six new validated targets every year. We have paused starts of Phase 1 trials temporarily, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

R&D ambition – Maintaining an active portfolio of around 30 projects

R&D ambition – Maintaining an active portfolio of around 30 projects (graphic)
  • Build long-term value and accelerate our pipeline with our collaboration partner Gilead
    Through our transformative R&D collaboration with Gilead signed in July 2019, we plan to increase our discovery, development and commercial efforts to bring much needed innovation to patients suffering from serious diseases. Under the agreement, we also gained a broader commercialization role for filgotinib in Europe and agreed to equally share all future development costs. Gilead has access to our pioneering discovery platform and gains option rights to our current and future programs outside Europe. Gilead is subject to a 10-year standstill, made a $3.95 billion upfront payment and a $1.5 billion equity investment including the exercise of Warrant A. We are also eligible to receive opt-in fees plus ex-filgotinib tiered royalties ranging from 20-24% on net sales of all our products licensed by Gilead, as well as  milestone payments on certain products. See the Notes to the consolidated financial statements.
  • After approval, market our innovative products successfully in Europe
    We are building a commercial organization to prepare for the expected market launch of filgotinib in collaboration with Gilead in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK and the Benelux in 2020 and 2021. Gilead will be solely responsible for commercialization outside of these eight countries. In a next step, we intend to commercialize successful candidates from our Gilead collaboration in our European territories, with Gilead solely responsible for commercialization outside Europe. See the Notes to the consolidated financial statements.

European commercial footprint

European commercial footprint (graphic)