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Claw-back and malus

As from financial year 2020, contractual provisions apply to each member of the Executive Committee to ensure that Galapagos has the right to have each Executive Committee member forfeit any unvested RSUs, deferred portions of previous cash bonuses or unvested subscription rights in the event of a restatement of the financial statements that has a material negative effect on Galapagos or a material breach of our Code of Conduct. In addition, from 1 December 2023, clawback undertakings have been in place to comply with the new SEC rules to recover erroneously awarded incentive-based compensation if Galapagos is required to prepare an accounting restatement due to material non-compliance with any financial reporting requirement.

During the financial year 2023 no claw-back events occurred.

The RSU and subscription right plans also contain bad leaver provisions that can result in forfeiture of any unvested RSU and/or subscription right grants in case the beneficiary leaves Galapagos prior to the relevant vesting date.

Securities and Exchange Commission in the US