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We focus on delivering best-in-class medicines with transformational impact for patients by accelerating life-changing science and innovation in the fields of oncology and immunology.

The following diagram provides an overview of our lead product and product candidates currently in development as of the date of the publication of this report:

Portfolio (graphic)
NHL, non-Hodgkin lymphoma; CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia; RT, Richter Transformation; MM, multiple myeloma; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; DM, dermatomyositis

We operate in an intensely competitive sector, which is subject to rapid and significant technological change and innovation. For a description of the competitive landscape, we refer to the Risks section related to our competitive position.

The study of the immune system and is a very important branch of the medical and biological sciences. The immune system protects humans from infection through various lines of defence. If the immune system is not functioning as it should, it can result in disease, such as autoimmunity, allergy, and cancer
Field of medicine that deal with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and early detection of cancer
Product candidate
Substance that has satisfied the requirements of early preclinical testing and has been selected for development, starting with formal preclinical safety evaluation followed by clinical testing for the treatment of a certain disorder in humans