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Deviations from the Remuneration Policy

Galapagos’ Remuneration Policy sets out that the Board may decide to deviate from any items of the policy if necessary to serve the long-term interests and sustainability of Galapagos. Any such deviation must be discussed at the Remuneration Committee, which will provide a substantiated recommendation to the Board.

During the financial year 2023, the Board decided to deviate from the Remuneration Policy, considering exceptional circumstances and upon substantiated recommendation of the Remuneration Committee, with the intention of serving the long-term interests and sustainability of Galapagos and in view of a successful and thorough implementation of the leadership transition whilst guaranteeing continuity, on one occasion:

  • As indicated above, on 2 May 2023, a termination package for Mr. Bart Filius was approved, being a termination compensation of €1,650,000, including compensation for a non-compete obligation for 12 months. This total termination package did not exceed his total annual remuneration for the financial year 2022. As a result, no shareholder approval for Mr. Filius' termination package is required in accordance with Belgian law.