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Code of Conduct

We have established a Code of Conduct to ensure that our members of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee and employees are making ethical and compliant decisions and acting with integrity, ethics and respect for human rights when conducting Galapagos’ business and performing their day-to-day duties. We expect any conflicts of interest to be addressed appropriately, and corruption and fraud prevented. To this end, we give various trainings, including on our Code of Conduct to all our employees and consultants. This year, 94% of our employees completed the Code of Conduct training and we measure against all employees, including those that may be on long term leave or ill.

Our Code of Conduct is available on our website (www.glpg.com).

At the beginning of 2023, we made some updates to our Code of Conduct to ensure that it continues to reflect who we are as an organization, including an explicit applicability of our Code of Conduct to our suppliers and business partners and more ESG related provisions.

One breach of our Code of Conduct was escalated to the Audit Committee in 2023. Appropriate measures were taken to address this breach.