20. Other reserves

20. Other reserves

Actuarial gains or losses recognized through other comprehensive income


Year ended 31 December

(thousands of €)



On 1 January



Actuarial gains or losses (–) recognised through OCI



Other reserves on 31 December



The other reserves amounted to a negative of €18 thousand (2014: €220 thousand) and related to the re-measurement of defined benefit obligations booked through OCI in line with IAS19R.

Derivative financial instruments: currency derivatives

We do not actively use currency derivatives to hedge planned future cash flows. On the balance sheet date, total notional amount of outstanding forward foreign exchange contracts that we have committed are nil (2014: nil).

On 31 December 2015 the fair value of our currency derivatives is nil (2014: nil).

We do not designate our foreign currency denominated debt as a hedge instrument for the purpose of hedging the translation of our foreign operations.

See note 34 for further information on how we manage financial risks.