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Ratio between the highest and lowest remuneration

The ratio between the highest and lowest remuneration at Galapagos during financial year 2021 is: 1:33.

The ratio is calculated on the basis of the lowest FTE pay per 31 December 2021, excluding trainees and internships. The remuneration which has been taken into account in this exercise includes the annual base salary, annual cash bonus and (if any) exceptional bonus; annual cash bonus is included in the year upon which performance is based and not in the year in which it is paid. Due to the timing of the 2021 year-end process, the actual annual bonus figures for employees below the management board level had not been finalized by the date of this report. Therefore, target figures for these employees were used, multiplied by the applicable approved organizational bonus funding scores, being the company’s best estimate of 2021 actual bonus outcomes.

Full-time equivalent; a way to measure an employee’s involvement in a project. For example, an FTE of 1.0 means that the equivalent work of one full-time worker was used on the project