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Our broad pipeline and innovative drug discovery engine

We discover and develop small molecule medicines with novel modes of action, several of which are currently in clinical development in multiple diseases with high unmet medical need. Our highly flexible discovery platform is applicable across many therapeutic areas.

Having achieved approval in the European Union, Great Britain, and Japan for our first ever medicine in RA, and in the European Union and Great Britain in UC, we remain highly committed to progressing our pipeline of drug candidates to address unmet medical needs and improve the lives of millions. We refocused our product portfolio by critically examining the risk profile and breadth of the pipeline.

Our differentiated clinical pipeline includes: 1) preferential JAK1 inhibitor filgotinib, which is approved for the treatment of RA in the European Union, Great Britain, and Japan, approved for the treatment of UC in the European Union and Great Britain and submitted for approval in UC in Japan, and currently in a Phase 3 trial in CD; 2) GLPG3667, a TYK2 inhibitor which showed activity in a Phase 1b study in Pso in 2021; 3) GLPG4399, a SIK3 inhibitor currently in Phase 1; 4) GLPG4716, a chitinase inhibitor in-licensed from OncoArendi, for which we anticipate to start a Phase 2 study in lung fibrosis; and 5) GLPG2737, a CFTR-inhibitor, currently in Phase 2 in ADPKD.

In both our inflammation and fibrosis portfolios, we have multiple novel mechanism of action candidates in early research. These programs are almost exclusively based on inhibiting targets which were identified using our proprietary target discovery platform.

Below is an overview of our current key pipeline assets:

Our clinical pipeline

Differentiated portfolio (graphic)
Note: filgotinib is approved for RA in EU and Japan, approved for UC in EU and filed for UC in Japan
Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, a disease where typically both kidneys become enlarged with fluid-filled cysts, leading to kidney failure. Other organs may be affected as well
Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) is a membrane protein and chloride channel in vertebrates that is encoded by the CFTR gene. It is hypothesized that inhibition of the CFTR channel might reduce cyst growth and enlargement for patients with ADPKD. GLPG2737 is a CFTR inhibitor
Formerly known as GLPG0634, commercial name is Jyseleca. Small molecule preferential JAK1 inhibitor, approved in RA in European Union, Great Britain, and Japan, and in UC in European Union and Great Britain. Application for approval for ulcerative colitis was filed in Japan. Filgotinib is partnered with Gilead. Filgotinib currently is in Phase 3 trials in CD, and in a Phase 4 trial in RA
A compound currently in Phase 2 in ADPKD. This compound is part of the CF collaboration with AbbVie but Galapagos retained rights outside of CF
A TYK2 kinase inhibitor discovered by us, topline results from the Phase 1b in psoriasis reported in July 2021
A SIK3 inhibitor currently in Phase 1 directed toward inflammation
A chitinase inhibitor inlicensed from Molecure (previously OncoArendi). The rights to the molecule have been returned to Molecure in July 2022