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Our Company

Our Journey

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Our Vision

Galapagos' vision is to transform patient outcomes through life-changing science and innovation for more years of life and quality of life.

Our Mission

We accelerate transformational innovation through the relentless pursuit of groundbreaking science, our entrepreneurial spirit and a collaborative mindset.

Our Strategy

We are a fully integrated biotechnology company united around a single purpose: to transform patient outcomes worldwide through the relentless pursuit of life changing science and innovation for more years of life and quality of life.

More than two decades ago, Galapagos was founded to discover new medicines with novel modes of action. Since then, we identified numerous novel targets, generated an R&D pipeline across multiple indications, entered into a significant strategic partnership with Gilead, and successfully brought to market a medicine in two indications. We have built a solid foundation based on strong financials, deep scientific and therapeutic expertise in key areas, and a significant commercial footprint.

In 2022, we unveiled a new strategy to accelerate growth and value creation by reshaping the way we innovate and operate. This strategy provides a clear path forward based on three key pillars:

  1. We shift from novel target-based discovery to patient-focused medical need research and development with a focus on our key therapeutic areas of immunology and oncology;
  2. We build on our current capabilities and de-risk R&D through multiple drug modalities, including CAR-T, small molecules and biologicals, and by focusing on best-in-disease validated targets in our strategic therapeutic areas with shorter time-to-patient potential;
  3. We increase our business development efforts to complement our internal pipeline and continue to work with our collaboration partner Gilead to bring more medicines to patients worldwide.

Our differentiation is our entrepreneurship and integrated approach – patient-focused, risk managed, collaborative and driven by medical need – combined with the scale of our resources and our deep scientific expertise in key therapeutic areas. Together, these enable us to significantly reduce time-to-results and accelerate delivery of transformational innovations and medicines to patients.

Biological therapeutics, also referred to as Biologicals, are those class of medicines which are grown and then purified from large-scale cell cultures of bacteria or yeast, or plant or animal cells. Biologicals are a diverse group of medicines which includes vaccines, growth factors, immune modulators, monoclonal antibodies, as well as products derived from human blood and plasma. What distinguishes biologicals from other medicines is that these are generally proteins purified from living culture systems or from blood, whereas other medicines are considered as 'small molecules' and are either made synthetically or purified from plants
Chimeric antigen receptor T cells (also known as CAR-T cells) are T cells that have been genetically engineered to produce an artificial T cell receptor for use in immunotherapy
All activities required to bring a new drug to the market. This includes preclinical and clinical development research, chemical and pharmaceutical development and regulatory filings of product candidates
Process by which new medicines are discovered and/or designed. At Galapagos, this is the department that oversees target and drug discovery research through to nomination of preclinical candidates
The study of the immune system and is a very important branch of the medical and biological sciences. The immune system protects humans from infection through various lines of defence. If the immune system is not functioning as it should, it can result in disease, such as autoimmunity, allergy and cancer
Field of medicine that deal with the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and early detection of cancer
Protein that has been shown to play a role in a disease process and that forms the basis of a therapeutic intervention or discovery of a medicine