Equity based remuneration

Remuneration report
CSR report

In accordance with provision 7.6 of the 2020 Code, Galapagos also grants supervisory board members an equivalent to remuneration in shares. During the financial year 2020, the supervisory board members received the following additional cash compensation: for the chairman of the supervisory board €100,000 and for the other members €50,000 each, in each case subject to the requirement to use the net amount (after taxes) to acquire Galapagos shares. These share purchases took place on 21 December 2020 and resulted in the number of shares identified in the table above. The shares that each supervisory board member so acquires are to be held until at least one year after the supervisory board member leaves the supervisory board and at least three years after the time of acquisition. These latter payments make up the equivalent of an equity component of the supervisory board members’ remuneration, as recommended by the 2020 Code.

Galapagos does not grant any subscription rights to supervisory board members (non-executive directors).