The Galapagos share

The Galapagos share
CSR report

Galapagos NV (ticker: GLPG) has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam and Brussels since 6 May 2005 and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market since 14 May 2015. Galapagos NV forms part of the Bel20 index (top 20 listed companies) on Euronext Brussels, the AMX Index (Amsterdam Midcap-index) on Euronext Amsterdam, and the NBI (Nasdaq Biotechnology Index) on Nasdaq in New York. In 2019, Galapagos was added to the MSCI Global Standard Index.

The Galapagos share in 2020

The Galapagos share (line chart)

In 2020, the average daily trading volume on Euronext was 521,824 shares and €80.8 million turnover. The daily trading volume on Nasdaq in 2020 was 175,730 ADSs and $29.1 million turnover.

Galapagos vs Next Biotech Index in 2020

Galapagos vs Next Biotech Index (line chart)

Galapagos vs Nasdaq Biotechnology Index in 2020

Galapagos vs Nasdaq Biotechnology Index (line chart)

Investor relations activities

We currently have sell-side coverage from >20 analysts and in 2020 we attracted additional sell-side analyst coverage.

Our IR team presented at 48 (virtual) conferences in 2020 in Europe and the U.S. Several broker-organized and self-organized roadshows and virtual meetings were held throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia, during which we held approximately 1,500 meetings.

We organized webcasts to present our 2019 Full Year, and our 2020 Q1, Half Year, and Q3 results, as well as our Toledo Roundtable, and select conference presentations.

The main topics of discussion with investors in 2020 included the filgotinib development programs and commercial strategy, the CRL and amended filgotinib agreement with collaboration partner Gilead, the R&D collaboration agreement with Gilead, our Phase 3 study with ziritaxestat as well as the Phase 2 trial with GLPG1205 in IPF patients, our ROCCELLA global Phase 2b trial with collaboration partner Servier in OA, and our Toledo program for inflammation. At the start of the pandemic, discussions were held on the influence of COVID-19 on our business operations. For more information see COVID-19 impact.