34. Events after balance sheet date

Notes to the consolidated financial statements
CSR report

On 19 March 2021, 99,814 subscription rights were exercised (with an average exercise price of €22.62 per subscription right), of which 41,874 subscription rights were exercised by our CEO, 10,000 subscription rights by other members of our management board, and 5,040 subscription rights by former members of our supervisory board. This resulted in a share capital increase (including issuance premium) of €2,258,042.82 and the issuance of 99,814 new ordinary shares. The closing price of our share on 19 March 2021 was €68.48.

On 10 February 2021, we announced the discontinuation of all development with ziritaxestat due to an insufficient risk-benefit profile observed in the ISABELA Phase 3 program.

On 4 January 2021, we completed the sale of Fidelta to Selvita S.A. for a total consideration of €37.1 million (including the customary adjustments for cash and working capital). Fidelta will continue performing drug discovery services for us for the next five years for which we have purchase commitments for an aggregate amount of €27.0 million.

Our consolidated financial statements were approved by the supervisory board and authorized for publication, on 23 March 2021. They were signed on behalf of the supervisory board by:


Raj Parekh
Chair of the supervisory board

Howard Rowe
Chair of the audit committee

23 March 2021