CSR report


At Galapagos, we do everything with patients in mind because in the end, our work is all about improving people’s quality of life.

Embarking on an era of patient partnership

For our research & development, patients and their unmet needs are our motivation. We are committed to listening to them to understand their daily challenges and unmet needs. By doing so, we believe we can develop the most innovative medicines and provide the right tools and resources to support patients and their families in managing their conditions.

Patient engagement is invaluable to us, and that’s why we’re embracing a patient-first approach across all our activities. Ultimately, partnering with the patient community may help us deliver new medicines to tackle the diseases millions of people are still living with every day.

‘Ask, do not assume’

“Patient organizations and pharmaceutical companies have one very important thing in common – the wish to see the right patient receive the right treatment at the right time. Facilitating an enhanced dialogue between the two parties can ultimately benefit patients, so this is very important. Therefore, it was tremendously refreshing when Galapagos invited me to contribute to their consultation with the patient community on how to get these important relationships right. I always say ‘Ask, don’t assume!’ and with Galapagos inviting thoughts from a wide range of patient representatives so early in its relationship building, the company has made a great start.”

Neil Betteridge, independent patient advisor (rheumatology)