GLPG1972 in OA

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GLPG1972 is a drug candidate developed by us under our collaboration agreement with Servier. GLPG1972 acts on ADAMTS-5, a key aggrecanase involved in the breakdown of aggrecan in joint cartilage. ADAMTS-5 has been validated in the literature in both animal models and human explants, and ARGS, a byproduct of the cartilage breakdown action of ADAMTS-5, has been shown to be elevated in the joints of OA patients.

ROCCELLA Phase 2b trial

ROCCELLA was a global, double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose ranging trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of three different once-daily oral doses of GLPG1972/S201086 in 932 patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) over 52 weeks of treatment. The study population was aged between 40 to 76 years (mean age was 63), mainly female (70%), and with a mean disease duration of 7 years.

The primary objective of ROCCELLA was to demonstrate the efficacy of at least one dose of GLPG1972/S201086 compared to placebo after 52 weeks of treatment in reducing cartilage loss of the central medial tibiofemoral compartment of the target knee via quantitative MRI.

The trial failed to meet the primary objective. The change from baseline to week 52 in cartilage thickness, in mm (SD) was -0.116 (0.27) for the placebo group and -0.068 (0.20), -0.097 (0.27) and -0.085 (0.22), for the low, medium and high dose, respectively. Statistically significant difference versus placebo was not reached in any of the treated groups. There was no significant difference compared to placebo observed on secondary endpoints, including clinical outcomes.

GLPG1972 was generally well-tolerated by patients in this Phase 2 trial.

Development of GLPG1972 subsequently was discontinued in OA.